Ostrich Egg Toss Challenge!!

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  • In this challenge, we toss eggs to each other! If we drop it, we get an egg cracked on our heads! Four Square Volleyball Challenge!! ➡ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4PIjWs6sIo In this challenge, we play a crazy game of volleyball with four nets! We can hit it left or right! Ostrich Egg Roulette Challenge!! ➡ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vg2Z9aH5eDc In this challenge, we smack eggs on our faces hoping that its a hard boiled egg and not a raw egg! It gets messy! Subscribe To Team Edge! ➡ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaRH3rDr3K3CEfhVqu5mgUQ 🔽MORE LINKS BELOW 🔽 TEAM EDGE GEAR ➡ https://crowdmade.com/collections/teamedge Matthias ➡ https://www.youtube.com/user/matthiasiam?sub_confirmation=1 J-Fred ➡ https://www.youtube.com/user/mrjollywhitegiant Bryan ➡ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFN1GcJz2gqBW9dn9IEDQcw Team Edge Gaming ➡ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-6Ygz2yrPcPPhl4pAobqNQ Gunner ➡ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5I6MF8aOBWgsUmC71K7Rhg Mail Box: 24307 Magic Mtn Pkwy #211 Valencia, CA 91355 TEAM EDGE SHIRTS ➡ http://goo.gl/BDFm6X Twitter ➡ https://goo.gl/rbKKmG Instagram ➡ https://instagram.com/itsteamedge/ Challenges ➡ Monday - Wednesday - Friday
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  • Sophia Schwab
    Sophia Schwab 1 saat önce

    At 9:50 Joey literally looks like Luigi with out the hat 😂

  • Sophia Schwab
    Sophia Schwab 1 saat önce

    2019 anyone?

  • Sydneyblue 101
    Sydneyblue 101 21 saat önce

    There editer has so much fun editing these vids lol

  • Clinic 4Real
    Clinic 4Real 1 gün önce

    Were do you get osteredg eggs

  • Andrea Donovan
    Andrea Donovan 3 gün önce

    boooo i love ostriches

  • James grey wolf cole
    James grey wolf cole 6 gün önce

    Man Conner ruins the videos

  • Ja Vee
    Ja Vee 1 hafta önce

    What music do they use for the replays?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

  • Jacob Savvoh
    Jacob Savvoh 1 hafta önce

    J-jokes our so funny

  • Nemeziz IMO
    Nemeziz IMO 1 hafta önce

    9:52 Joey the newly born ostrich

  • Shujay15
    Shujay15 2 hafta önce

    look at joey at 9:50

  • Ianster Harper
    Ianster Harper 2 hafta önce

    Gunner is just salty

  • Co Pilot
    Co Pilot 2 hafta önce

    And who is watching in 2019

  • Co Pilot
    Co Pilot 2 hafta önce

    Does anyone else hear the ostrich egg screaming sound like singing

  • nekokat
    nekokat 2 hafta önce

    I can only assume that there are farmers who raise and breed Ostriches and sell the eggs to use as omelets or giant fried eggs? Hopefully those Ostriches are raise humanely and are cared for.

  • Youusef Kotob
    Youusef Kotob 3 hafta önce

    I SAID GET IT TO ME said gunner

  • Princess alice Gacha
    Princess alice Gacha 3 hafta önce

    Wow brain and Connor won all of the rounds...

    Their op!

  • Victoria King
    Victoria King 3 hafta önce

    2019? also i think gunner looks way better with his hair short like this video but either way hes amazing!

  • Doggie Toy Tester
    Doggie Toy Tester 3 hafta önce

    “I’m not confident in my abilities anymore.” - Gunner 2017

  • katie swallow
    katie swallow 3 hafta önce

    Spot the different


    If you spot all 4 of the. Emojis like

  • Chris Bratten
    Chris Bratten 3 hafta önce

    Cool j Fred good gay 😀🙂📷🇺🇸 🦂🌵🌋🦄

  • Madison Ostermeier
    Madison Ostermeier 4 hafta önce

    The edits make me laugh out loud

  • MADA_ XD
    MADA_ XD 4 hafta önce

    20 views come from me

  • MADA_ XD
    MADA_ XD 4 hafta önce


  • Wolfie Marie
    Wolfie Marie 1 ay önce

    Don't worry Gunner. Egg is good for hair. Makes it nice and shiny

  • Allison Cruz-Gaytan
    Allison Cruz-Gaytan 1 ay önce

    Egg is good for your hair because if you don't believe me you can look it up online

  • jtagaming 9999
    jtagaming 9999 1 ay önce

    Gunners a crybaby and a poor sport

  • caitlyn ramp
    caitlyn ramp 1 ay önce

    If that fell on your foot yikes Ouch

  • Melissa Ducote
    Melissa Ducote 1 ay önce

    🥵 I’m sweating

  • Urte Radziminskaite
    Urte Radziminskaite 1 ay önce

    For once and for all.
    They did not hurt any baby ostriches or chickens. The eggs were fertilized, so there were no babies inside. Just an empty egg.
    Stop writing dumb comments like "ohmargwd, the ostricesn and cikens :::((( 😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😰😰how dere yuo".

  • w w
    w w 1 ay önce

    405 but conner ur nt at the last conner Conner so u and Bryan fail lol losers

  • w w
    w w 1 ay önce


  • Son Goku
    Son Goku 1 ay önce

    All j Fred’s fault

  • Katrina Barman
    Katrina Barman 1 ay önce

    Spot the difference:




    Impossible: 🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏼‍♂️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️🚣🏻‍♀️

    Like and comment if you found all fo them. And can we try to at least get 10 likes??

  • Dylan Rex
    Dylan Rex 1 ay önce


  • ÚltraLeevi
    ÚltraLeevi 1 ay önce

    5:32  that's nails   too late

  • ElJohn David Cuaresma

    this video was so funny

  • Grace Martin
    Grace Martin 1 ay önce

    Who is watching in January 2019? I am!

  • Ma. Eliza Legaspi
    Ma. Eliza Legaspi 1 ay önce

    Do not watch team edge when you are eating or dringking

  • jacksepticeye super fan 113

    The poor eggs

  • Azan Hussain
    Azan Hussain 2 ay önce

    Connor and Brayan played coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool