What is Hydro Dip Kit?

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  • Blake Snyder
    Blake Snyder 1 saat önce

    A karamic cup😂😂

  • David Kennedy
    David Kennedy 1 hafta önce

    I find you hilarious every video you make me laugh thumbs up from me 👍 keep up the good work .

  • Alan Bullock
    Alan Bullock 2 hafta önce

    I forgot you existed

    oh yeah yeah

  • Isaac Leuenberger
    Isaac Leuenberger 1 ay önce

    The clear is definitely last

  • Launchpad Pro
    Launchpad Pro 1 ay önce

    Cod in real life

  • Ricardo Diaz
    Ricardo Diaz 1 ay önce

    U have to hit it at a angle

  • Tabitha Riggins
    Tabitha Riggins 1 ay önce

    If only it had come with instructions 😂😂

  • Robert Fonseca
    Robert Fonseca 1 ay önce

    Read directions!🤦‍♂️

  • Gilbert Gonzalez
    Gilbert Gonzalez 1 ay önce

    activator on the cup to!"

  • Arnulfo Barajas
    Arnulfo Barajas 1 ay önce

    * while spraying the cup

  • Arnulfo Barajas
    Arnulfo Barajas 1 ay önce

    Kit: come with gloves
    Taras: oh cool it comes with gloves

    Also Tara's:*doesn't use the gloves*

  • Sam Ham
    Sam Ham 1 ay önce

    1:52 i love kerammik kaps

  • Ozukum Aolong
    Ozukum Aolong 3 ay önce

    Keramic cup?

    AEGON TARGARYEN 3 ay önce

    1) primer
    2) white (base coat so it looks better)
    3) activator (onto film in water)
    you put the cup in water you are supposed to hold it at a 45°angle and while droping it in the water go a little bit forward
    4) clear coat (to protect it)
    water must be litlle hot
    and BOOM!

  • Kabeer Jawad
    Kabeer Jawad 3 ay önce

    You can do this using spray paint

  • Adil Hussain
    Adil Hussain 3 ay önce

    Maybe it works a little to well

  • Adil Hussain
    Adil Hussain 3 ay önce

    I think this is more for 1 dimensional objects

  • Adil Hussain
    Adil Hussain 3 ay önce

    I think it would be better if you dipped the folding cup folded???? 🧐🧐🧐

  • Avast xd
    Avast xd 3 ay önce

    Who noticed the insect in 5:05?

  • Jeremy Scharba
    Jeremy Scharba 3 ay önce

    I love his attitude !!!

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    Who saw the ant 😂😂😂

  • reece flynt
    reece flynt 4 ay önce

    Clear coat is LAST...after dip.

  • Free Loader Acres Homestead

    dip at 45 degree angle

  • Stephen Sullivan
    Stephen Sullivan 4 ay önce

    I think there's a knack to dipping it, you have to sort of carefully turn and twist what you're coating with the surface of the water - thanks for sharing!

    LAWLESS HUNTER 4 ay önce

    hey tht knife is it a bastion braza, lol looks identicle to my braza😂

  • You Suck
    You Suck 4 ay önce

    stalin gadgets

  • Milestone Adeepta Saha

    Foolish Russian Hacker

  • godd79
    godd79 4 ay önce

    пездц такой рукожоп!)))

  • Seth Nonya
    Seth Nonya 4 ay önce

    Clear after diping it....

  • Depleted
    Depleted 4 ay önce

    You also need a method to lower the items without touching them, ie using a hook on a chain with a pulley or something similar.

  • Depleted
    Depleted 4 ay önce

    In mother russia instructions read YOU.


    Who else thought it was a bigass floral foam vid

  • Will Kinaschuk
    Will Kinaschuk 4 ay önce

    Where are you from? My name is William kinaschuk

  • Sabir Baksh
    Sabir Baksh 4 ay önce

    This was pun

  • Alex Tarasov
    Alex Tarasov 4 ay önce

    Is it toxic?

  • Arran Muir
    Arran Muir 5 ay önce

    read instructions

  • Dyson the Redneck
    Dyson the Redneck 5 ay önce

    Clear coat goes on after you dip

  • Solence
    Solence 5 ay önce

    Spider at 8:30 in the bottom right.

    POLISH BEAR 5 ay önce

    snake color

  • TheRailGunner
    TheRailGunner 5 ay önce

    The clear coat goes on after you dip it lol..