Vigil held for Junior following arrest of 11th suspect in teen`s death

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  • Danilo Payamps Pacheco, 21, of the Bronx, surrendered to officers at the 48th Precinct, accompanied by his lawyer. He faces charges of murder, manslaughter, gang assault and criminal possession of a weapon, police said.
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  • Winston Wolf
    Winston Wolf 2 hafta önce

    An eye for An eye.

  • True Confessionzz
    True Confessionzz 2 ay önce

    Lock his fkn POS mother up too!

  • True Confessionzz
    True Confessionzz 2 ay önce

    Lock his fkn POS mother too!

  • Quoc Trung
    Quoc Trung 3 ay önce


  • Basic Stud
    Basic Stud 3 ay önce

    amor de rey manin!

  • June Rosa
    June Rosa 3 ay önce

    The number 11

  • toni fuentes
    toni fuentes 3 ay önce

    Los trinitarios son putos

  • Yasmeena Khaleel
    Yasmeena Khaleel 5 ay önce

    I hope u will be free so soon. And God help and bless ur mother!

  • brazilsky brazilsky
    brazilsky brazilsky 6 ay önce

    I think the state should focus on the other 11 suspects in this case. I agree with this man's lawyer that not enough is available evidence wise for an conviction for this individual.

  • Mandy Anderson
    Mandy Anderson 6 ay önce

    Fight for him to get as much dick up his ass for life

  • Rogue Reaper
    Rogue Reaper 6 ay önce

    Sad to say (....not really) but even if he was a bystander who didn't intend to get involved, the fact that he reps the gang is enough for the justice system to make an example of him, the city, no the country doesn't want shit like this to happen again so they'll make an example of everyone involved in the murder, even if your were just in the parking lot scratching your balls it doesn't matter, no mercy will be the answer that those in the system will choose to exercise and I can't blame him, maybe if it was gang member who was killed they'd be more lenient but since it was an innocent 15 year old kid well, yeah that's out of the question

  • D'artagnan
    D'artagnan 6 ay önce

    Gut all of them (#12 perp on the run) like fish and hang their guts on a street corner!! I'll go to spit on that "shrine!" ♞

  • iwcg 2
    iwcg 2 6 ay önce

    Off with all their heads!!!

  • Swizard Svl
    Swizard Svl 6 ay önce

    As long as he was there he’s still in trouble stop saying he’s fucking innocent when he’s fucking guilty, stop fucking defending him. His fault he made a dumbass choice now he has to face the consequences of his actions, anyone that disagrees with me gtfo here

  • Vicaveli nice
    Vicaveli nice 7 ay önce

    Scumbag platano!!!

  • Ms Santana
    Ms Santana 7 ay önce

    When is that lil hoe going to be arrested !!!!!!

  • Rob Lee
    Rob Lee 7 ay önce

    It wasn't machetes it was one machete kitchen knife and I heard a shank ice pick was involved and I hope they all rot in prison I heard there was four vehicles involved and a female set him up to be killed however law enforcement and mainstream media is saying otherwise but the American people are not stupid!!!!👈👈👺🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • christopher rivera
    christopher rivera 7 ay önce

    They are all guilty!!!!!! Y defend those heartless animals. Let them spend the rest of their miserable life in prison. Who cares about them they don't deserve hearings. They didn't stop to think about anything. Oh as for the crybaby that cried in court!!!! Guess what N.Y. doesn't give a dann about your fake tears. Keep them locked up. They have more freedom than junior. His heartbroken mother never be able to hug her baby again at least those fucks get to c their mother's. Justice for junior we love you and we stand by your family junior 🎈🔔🎈🔔

  • UPUPnAWAYog Gonzalez

    Fuk them people they deserve everything that’s comming to them

  • Deborah William
    Deborah William 7 ay önce

    Look lady you f**** idiot, the police ain't say he did the stabbing, they getting ready to get your son on accessory to the fact, he was in one of them cars, and he knew them gang members was going to kill that boy, so shut the fuk up!!! And one more thing, numbnuts, gang members don't hang out with guys that's not in the gang, that's why it's called the gang

  • TurkOfficial
    TurkOfficial 7 ay önce

    This is a tribute music video for Lesandro “Junior” Guzman- Feliz 🖤💔

    Justice For Junior🙏🏼

  • jeffrey holliday
    jeffrey holliday 7 ay önce

    He's just as guilty, as the rest of them. Smh

  • Trevel Hall
    Trevel Hall 7 ay önce

    Damn how many niggas killed this young boy? 4, 5, 7, 9, now 11. What next 30?

  • James Brown
    James Brown 7 ay önce

    Her son may not be a gang member, but he's an accessory to murder.

  • Minkey Dinkey
    Minkey Dinkey 7 ay önce

    Yea justice for junior and jail for them and the sister too for conspiracy to commit murder and accomplice.

  • MrRuss10000
    MrRuss10000 7 ay önce

    Another HOOD RAT bites the dust..Bend over for the butt rape.....

  • Andrea Long
    Andrea Long 7 ay önce

    So sad how many of these fuckers had something to do with juniors death

  • Dtb Dtb
    Dtb Dtb 7 ay önce

    Tan feos todos malos

  • Frank Gallina
    Frank Gallina 7 ay önce

    Off or on killing masks.

  • Keith Mikell
    Keith Mikell 7 ay önce

    Hope all 11 get butt raped brutally in jail and do hard time. FUCK 'EM!!!

  • clif arwood
    clif arwood 7 ay önce

    need to start some good old west justise for the victims in this his mama does,nt have any idea of what her son does

  • The Matt
    The Matt 7 ay önce

    Deport every one of them back to their shitholes.

  • Earz To The Streetz
    Earz To The Streetz 7 ay önce


  • LetsGetMedieval
    LetsGetMedieval 7 ay önce

    My son it's in a gang! Clueless parents thay should lock her ass up too for not doing her damn job that's the problem in this country.

  • Mary Tatara
    Mary Tatara 7 ay önce

    Your son was apart of it he was there shows it in the video. Hope they all go down for it n justice is served. JUSTICEFORJUNIOR ALL THE WAY FROM AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND.

  • Jason Johnson
    Jason Johnson 7 ay önce

    Lock up the barber too.😨

  • Juanvo Serrano Quiros

    Www to

  • Chuck Towers
    Chuck Towers 7 ay önce

    The mother of that killer is blind as fuck, and the main reason her son turned out to be a criminal

  • 森本ボリス
    森本ボリス 7 ay önce

    1:32 he's a flight risk because of the charges which is why it's NOT ridiculous to deny bail..he probably has long rap sheet too but im no lawyer or anything..