Top 10 Craziest Dancing with the Stars Moments

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  • g
    g 2 hafta önce


  • Francesca Polidoro
    Francesca Polidoro 2 hafta önce

    I see HeMo, I click

  • Bill Stephens
    Bill Stephens 2 hafta önce

    Osmond faked the faint... It was an act...

    NandK ANIMATIONS 1 ay önce

    What you'll see in the comment section:

    99% Heather's elimination/ Heather should of won

    1% other.

  • hot packets
    hot packets 1 ay önce

    john is a bad loser should not win

  • hot packets
    hot packets 1 ay önce

    people need to vote

  • annia betancourt
    annia betancourt 1 ay önce

    Should add the Bobby bones win or the Juan Pablo elimination

  • O 285
    O 285 1 ay önce

    Never mind her elimination, Heather Morris should not have been allowed on the show in the first place. Come on. She was already a dancer.

  • Alexa Reider
    Alexa Reider 1 ay önce

    90% of the comments are about heather morris i’m crying

  • Ella B
    Ella B 2 ay önce

    can you do a video of the worst winners like the last ones?

  • Disgraced Ape
    Disgraced Ape 2 ay önce

    Update this for Bobby Bones

  • Kordeislay
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  • Z Botello
    Z Botello 2 ay önce

    Juan Pablo’s elimination and the fact that Bobby won.

  • PrincessBunhead
    PrincessBunhead 2 ay önce

    The whole thing with Lochte has never connected with me. I mean the show has a reputation of bringing people on so they can get a second chance (Andy Dick, Paula Deen, Jodie Sweeten, to name a few), but never so soon after the scandal or downfall. I remember he was all about playing the victim card, saying he wasn't the guy he was in Brazil, and viewers were pretty much over it. I quit watching because I couldn't stand his victim act. Suddenly, this incident happens and we're supposed to feel sorry for him. That's why I really feel it was planned by the show to gain sympathy.

  • Sinon's Life
    Sinon's Life 2 ay önce

    Who the fuck cares if she is a professional dancer, there has been a bunch of professional dancers on the show, but people forget dancers are also stars. Many people on broadway are triple threats and that goes for many film actors as well. And don't get me started on singers, a shit ton of them have dancing experience

  • Hannah
    Hannah 2 ay önce


  • Emily Mulcahy
    Emily Mulcahy 2 ay önce

    Everyone in the comments saying Normani was robbed as if they didn't watch Rashad dance every week. Alrighty then...

  • Torra Liar
    Torra Liar 2 ay önce

    Willow was young enough to be on dwts juniors.

    And how could you eliminate the true queen Brittany S. Pierce.

    Also I honestly think Simone Biles was totally robbed on this show she is an amazing person and dancer and should have won . I’m still salty about that.

  • Lola Milano
    Lola Milano 2 ay önce

    When i heard Heather Morris is going to dance in DWTS, i just thought ok, she already won this thing because she just has to, i mean she is a pro since years ... but the people at home are obviously blind !! I live in austria so unfortunately i was not able to see it or vote for it. But if i could, my phone bill would have explode!!!! Its 2018 and i‘m still not over it that she had to leave the show so early...! -.-

  • Michael Greico
    Michael Greico 2 ay önce

    How is the Carlton Dance not on here?

  • the c.f.a.
    the c.f.a. 2 ay önce

    Better update this now that Bobby Barnes won and Juan Pablo eliminated before the finals

  • falloutgirl902
    falloutgirl902 2 ay önce

    Heather Morriss is a known professional dancer you don’t dance with Beyoncé unless you are the best she was acc head choreographer for Glee and THEN they put her in the cast so no I’m sorry she shouldn’t have been on the show she could easily be one of the pros so no that was a ridiculous casting.

  • Kate Swift
    Kate Swift 2 ay önce

    Poor Tony, I feel like he never got a good partner!😢

  • Lauren Nicole916
    Lauren Nicole916 3 ay önce

    There should be a part 2 after the most recent season.

  • Mayalpaca
    Mayalpaca 3 ay önce

    Juan Pablo 's elimination should be in here...

  • SimmonsGranger
    SimmonsGranger 3 ay önce

    you could add Bobby winning to this now.

  • Djoodi from Reception

    How was heather eliminated I loved her but Amber won at least

  • Djoodi from Reception

    I’m a normal girl

    I see heather
    I click

  • Brigid Malley
    Brigid Malley 3 ay önce

    you should add the season 27 finale/winner to this list

  • Kate
    Kate 3 ay önce

    YOU CAN ADD BOBBY BONES WINNING...because that was some bs

  • Grace Sherwood
    Grace Sherwood 3 ay önce

    now add bobby winning

  • olivia r
    olivia r 3 ay önce

    now to add to that the craziest is that Bobby and sharna won..

  • sam
    sam 3 ay önce

    Time for a new one and juanpablo dipace better be FIRST bc his elimination is the most unjustified in the entire shows existence

  • Julia Spadaro
    Julia Spadaro 3 ay önce

    you can add Juan Pablo’s elimination to this list

  • Holly Anderson
    Holly Anderson 3 ay önce

    Looks like it’s time to update after last Monday’s catastrophe

  • Patricia Sigmond
    Patricia Sigmond 3 ay önce

    Top 10 who should of won but got robbed especially with Juan Pablo

  • Sarah Ivey
    Sarah Ivey 3 ay önce

    You need to make a new update version with juan pablo getting eliminated in the semifinals with a perfect 60

  • Alicia Jordan
    Alicia Jordan 3 ay önce

    Tony is always axed with terrible celebs

  • Boglárka Csízik
    Boglárka Csízik 3 ay önce

    You can add Juan Pablo getting robbed to this list.

  • TheGrandmaPeprikaGamerShow!

    Can you make an updated list and add Juan Pablo’s SHOCKING elimination?