Nipsey Hussle & Stephen Curry on Hip Hop & Fatherhood | 5 Minutes from Home

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  • Last Ronin
    Last Ronin 6 gün önce

    Its always a NOBODY that takes away a Legend like Nip.

  • Dominik Nowaczyk
    Dominik Nowaczyk 2 hafta önce

    I wish this video was like an hour long...

  • Jennie Mcgowan
    Jennie Mcgowan 2 hafta önce

    Them Grey pants tho in all that
    👀 🍬🍬

  • Justin Urrutia
    Justin Urrutia 2 hafta önce

    Rip king nip

  • Munther Elkish
    Munther Elkish 2 hafta önce

    Nipsey was actually a beautiful soul. Can’t believe they took him away 😪

  • M M
    M M 3 hafta önce

    Nip energy always makes me 😊

  • Vinny Luck
    Vinny Luck 3 hafta önce

    Should've took him to the Burrito Truck on 55th and E14 and got them steak fries.

  • mohamed ali
    mohamed ali 3 hafta önce


  • KamYrn
    KamYrn 3 hafta önce

    R.I.P Nipsey💙🙏🏾

  • CompulsionHD
    CompulsionHD 3 hafta önce


  • Alex Link
    Alex Link 1 ay önce

    You´re the man Curry !!! greetings from Brazil !!!

  • aguek mon
    aguek mon 1 ay önce

    Rip nipsey

  • Ian18gamerBTW YT
    Ian18gamerBTW YT 1 ay önce

    RIP nipsey real legend

  • Santus Izuka
    Santus Izuka 1 ay önce

    Rip nipsey

  • Lions Confidence
    Lions Confidence 1 ay önce

    Nipsey was different. Made others feel good about themselves. Best part of this 5 minute clip was him asking questions to the chefs on the food truck, "Complements to the chef". One of a kind.

  • Conscious&Crazy
    Conscious&Crazy 1 ay önce

    They killed the bros... Fuck man i still think about that shit everyday we lost a real one

  • liltremble623
    liltremble623 1 ay önce


  • avreen hehr
    avreen hehr 1 ay önce

    We miss you Nip 🙏🏽🕊💙

  • JIAN
    JIAN 1 ay önce

    Rip nipsey

  • Solomon's Tech
    Solomon's Tech 1 ay önce

    I miss nipsey man

  • Gamingfortnite Mohamed

    Rip easy

  • Getmtj . . .
    Getmtj . . . 1 ay önce

    RIP Nipsey

  • Johnberrys Official
    Johnberrys Official 2 ay önce

    Nipsey looks like snoop dogg and James hardens kid

  • Zd X
    Zd X 2 ay önce


  • Mrvvolf
    Mrvvolf 2 ay önce

    They took him bro. What are we going to do about it?

  • Kobe B
    Kobe B 2 ay önce

    When he talks and tell knowledge, makes me mad they killed him

  • LikeWiseMusic
    LikeWiseMusic 2 ay önce


  • Tameka Jones
    Tameka Jones 2 ay önce

    Aww Nip was sooo humble and sweet! Still in shock this happened to you!!🏁🏁🏁

  • Andrew Siyomunji
    Andrew Siyomunji 2 ay önce

    I shared a birthday with Nipsey really miss this guy I wish it was a lie,pure soul.Remain to Rest In Peace.

  • ᄌᄀ짖
    ᄌᄀ짖 2 ay önce

    형 지존 모자 쓰고있네? 역시 농구계의 우리형

  • Austin Jackson
    Austin Jackson 2 ay önce

    Rip Nipsey Hussle Cuz #TheMarathonContinues

  • drosa187
    drosa187 2 ay önce

    damn, it still hurts big time, i miss you Nipp, forever a king

  • Star Plug
    Star Plug 3 ay önce

    He’s amazingly smart

  • Itumeleng Potlaki
    Itumeleng Potlaki 3 ay önce

    I have never loved someone that I haven't met before but I love these two with all my heart..

  • Panashe Mangwanya
    Panashe Mangwanya 3 ay önce


  • c
    c 3 ay önce

    When people talk shit on why black folks voted for Obama its sad that they dont see what the effect this has had in this generation of black men. Daddy is no longer a rolling stone and is ready to take care of thier kids. No more motherless and daddyless homes, more needs to be done and a lot of work is still needing to get done however, we're starting a new trend....... RIP NIP

  • Josh Myers
    Josh Myers 3 ay önce


  • meximiliano
    meximiliano 3 ay önce

    Man, nipsey was such a real ass dude. Rest in power nip we miss u man

  • Tafara Ronald Matongo

    Why Eric Holder.

  • William Gomez
    William Gomez 3 ay önce

    Damn this is a sick ass video