Homemade Disneyland Dole Whip Recipe (2 Ingredients; Vegan & Dairy Free)

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  • SmithsnMoz
    SmithsnMoz 1 ay önce

    This did not work for me

  • ThatGuyRyan
    ThatGuyRyan 1 ay önce

    1:1 cup ratio?

  • Chun Hin WONG
    Chun Hin WONG 1 ay önce

    Hey Gemma, I just have a lovely coconuty treat yesterday and it is very similar to Dole Whip but it is called CocoWhip. It is made out of coconut water like soft serve and it is dairy free. It is not that sweet and it is suitable for vegan. There is also AcaiWhip but it is just made out of acai berries. Hope you can share those recipes on your channel!

  • Chun Hin WONG
    Chun Hin WONG 1 ay önce

    Happy Easter Gemma!

  • Chun Hin WONG
    Chun Hin WONG 1 ay önce

    Can you please make a Lime Dole Whip. If you do, thanks a million :).

  • Kathleen Quinn
    Kathleen Quinn 2 ay önce

    Omg, I love dole whip, going to try it. How much pineapple, how much coconut milk

  • Cristina Duarte-Noe
    Cristina Duarte-Noe 2 ay önce

    What is your ratio of pineapple to coconut milk? 1:1?

  • Håvard Hammer
    Håvard Hammer 2 ay önce

    Can one use this in a soft serve machine?

  • Byron Chandler
    Byron Chandler 2 ay önce

    Hi, Gemma. Your Dole whip ice cream looks so pretty, just like you and Olivia, darling. What's your best tip for getting the best knives for slicing fruit? Take care of yourself, cutie pie. I love you so much, sweetie. <3

  • VerbatimShelf 3
    VerbatimShelf 3 3 ay önce

    there is an actual bag of mix you can get to make real ones. it is called "dole soft serve mix" and comes in different flavors

  • Paradise Soon
    Paradise Soon 3 ay önce

    I have allergy to pineapple is there eanything else I can use please grazie

  • No catfish Nana
    No catfish Nana 4 ay önce

    I made this for myself and my husband tonight. It’s absolutely scrumptious and so healthy. My husband is lactose intolerant and I have been diagnosed with diabetes. Instead of using coconut juice I used fresh pineapple juice. Quite a treat for my husband. He loved it.
    Like a soft serve ice cream for him. I made popsicles with the leftover. For myself I added a bit of heavy whipping cream. Just enough to satisfy that urge for sweets without the added sugars. Can’t wait to make for my grandson when he visits us this summer.

  • Nargis Allami
    Nargis Allami 4 ay önce

    Have u tried making cotton candy??!!

  • first last
    first last 4 ay önce

    Can I use water instead of milk? Any alternatives for milk?

  • FelixDeLaVida49
    FelixDeLaVida49 7 ay önce

    Dude what happened to your eye ..... Pineapple Express

  • Tiny Vids
    Tiny Vids 9 ay önce

    Measurements plz

  • thang le
    thang le 10 ay önce

    Can you use regular milk without changing its flavor?

  • Colleen McFee
    Colleen McFee 10 ay önce

    An ultra delicious treat! I'm a chef too & i wish i could prepare this for all who can't do it for themselves. :-)

  • Ice Cube
    Ice Cube 10 ay önce

    1:44 you’re welcome

  • Laurie
    Laurie 10 ay önce

    Any reason there is literally NO recipe posted in the “written recipe here” link? Kinda hard to make with no recipe and i don’t feel like dumping money down the drain because it’s not made properly.

  • jzizzles
    jzizzles 11 ay önce

    Can someone translate to English?

  • MrRaven Squads
    MrRaven Squads 11 ay önce

    This is awesome how you got to go there and make a cool dessert with homemade ingredients thank you and I’ll make sure to try it out and go to Disney land again maybe

  • BethyKable
    BethyKable 11 ay önce

    Such a yummy treat !

  • andrew tierney
    andrew tierney 11 ay önce

    Thanks definitely making this

  • commentingonvideos
    commentingonvideos 1 yıl önce

    I’m freezing my pineapples right now =)

  • Hailey Marie
    Hailey Marie 1 yıl önce

    If u add condensed milk it tastes even better 😉

  • suria prakash
    suria prakash 1 yıl önce

    Can we use dole whip for frosting?

  • Anon
    Anon 1 yıl önce

    I just tried this recipe and the coconut was a bit too overpowering, I wonder if I messed up my proportions 🤔 still quite tasty though!

  • GM45 _
    GM45 _ 1 yıl önce

    Can I use mayonnaise

  • Kamal Chowdhury
    Kamal Chowdhury 1 yıl önce

    Ma'am. is there any problem if I used cow milk instead of coconut milk? I am asking that because my mom not letting me make it with cow's milk. She 's saying that if I mix pineapple with cow's milk, then it became poison. pls. reply me, otherwise my mom never let me to make it.(its my dad account, my name is Karishma)

  • Farkhunda Syed
    Farkhunda Syed 1 yıl önce

    Thank you v much for. Such good. Pineapple ice cream. God bless. You

  • chi wika
    chi wika 1 yıl önce

    can you make a mango one if you dont have pineapple.

  • Shawnee Elliott
    Shawnee Elliott 1 yıl önce

    I'm so glad that the Bush Gardens that I work at, recently added this to their menu! But this recipie will be perfect for my Christmas time cravings!

  • Karina Mendes
    Karina Mendes 1 yıl önce

    can I use coconut cream ? It looks like milk but on the box said cream

  • Fowziya Fowziya
    Fowziya Fowziya 1 yıl önce

    It looks so good and easy recipe thnx for sharing this recipe God bless u 😊

  • Victoria Thyda
    Victoria Thyda 1 yıl önce

    this tasted amazing!! thank you

  • christina nunez
    christina nunez 1 yıl önce

    Hello you are so talented. I have been looking for a new blender. If you could be kind enough to recommend the one you have? It looks really good.

  • El Maestro
    El Maestro 1 yıl önce

    Where is the music from in the beginning of this video?

  • Jerina Banu
    Jerina Banu 1 yıl önce

    Plz make a lemon and raspberry ice cream

  • Tisa's Pieces Pottery
    Tisa's Pieces Pottery 1 yıl önce

    There aren't any measurements. Is that equal parts of both?