Most Beautiful Dresses in the world #3 Evening Elegant dresses! Princess dresses! Wedding dresses

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  • Raj Preet
    Raj Preet 1 gün önce

    5:38 totally “ stupid and uncomfortable ”....

  • Anime Can Be Christians Too

    I love wearing dresses

  • dai mengyao
    dai mengyao 5 gün önce

    only people who have nice body can wear them, hehe

  • SaraPlaysRoblox
    SaraPlaysRoblox 1 hafta önce

    Video:I love you
    Me:me too <3

  • SaraPlaysRoblox
    SaraPlaysRoblox 1 hafta önce

    They are lucky that they try those dresses 7:55 i love that one too its beautiful and like a real princess!

  • SaraPlaysRoblox
    SaraPlaysRoblox 1 hafta önce

    5:20 i love that one its cute simple beautiful....i love it i wish i have it!

  • Ray Of Sunshine
    Ray Of Sunshine 1 hafta önce

    I love and hate these videos because I spend like a good hour wondering where you can get amazing dresses like those.😭

  • Norma price
    Norma price 1 hafta önce

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, because well please these dresses are not the most Beautiful not at all. Thank you keep trying.

  • amria marjolaine
    amria marjolaine 1 hafta önce

    Les robes sont vraiment magnifiques leur createur vont toujours plus loin dans leur inovation . Rien que pour la beauté de cette vidéo je met un pouce bleu bravo bonne continuation ! !!👚👚

  • Jasper Newstead
    Jasper Newstead 1 hafta önce

    mostr of them look cheap

  • Alexandria Hardy
    Alexandria Hardy 1 hafta önce

    These are pretty. I don't know if they're worthy of the title, but they're pretty.

  • mollあやめ
    mollあやめ 1 hafta önce


  • fatema sithi
    fatema sithi 2 hafta önce

    Not just the dresses .it's actually the body

    OLAV WILHELM 2 hafta önce

    looks like cheap nouveau riche russian design lo NO woman with class would ever wear dresses like those. they have not haute couture designs and look like they are made of cheap showy curtains.i guess they might appeal to hookers at a carneval lol

    OLAV WILHELM 2 hafta önce

    these dresses are awful and tastless, can't you see that! they might work for a bollywood movie but they're is no class nor chique

  • Angela Feldman
    Angela Feldman 2 hafta önce

    Anyone for tea?

  • ольга берсенева

    Платья ужасные в своем большинстве. Перебор во всем, особенно в количестве страз и позолоты. Китч. Некоторые девушки такие же, искуственная кукольная нарисованная физиономия. Это видимо амекисовские эталоны красоты.

  • チャンネル登録者一人につき、くろちゃんが面白くなる


  • Giusi Scuderi
    Giusi Scuderi 2 hafta önce


  • Isa Keysielle
    Isa Keysielle 2 hafta önce

    Os vestidos sao lindos. Ameiiiiii

  • Ari Gee
    Ari Gee 3 hafta önce

    What is music? please)#1

  • catherine collet
    catherine collet 3 hafta önce

    😲They are all gorgeous dresses😍

  • Nastya_Oleni_na
    Nastya_Oleni_na 3 hafta önce

    Платья то красивые , но вот бабы уродливые. Все!

  • B4L
    B4L 3 hafta önce

    I like the big dresses. But the slender dresses are to die for. So very pretty.

  • Shae House
    Shae House 3 hafta önce

    Anyone else love this song? ❤️. Anyone know who it is? 😊

    ANA L. ESCOBAR 3 hafta önce

    Oh god love your videos your design beautiful and your models look stunning like always 🙌🏻👗✨😊thank you for sharing your beautiful dresses love ❤️

  • Sophia Hildebrandt
    Sophia Hildebrandt 4 hafta önce

    1:21 omg I want it

  • ✌peace out✌
    ✌peace out✌ 4 hafta önce

    Those beautiful dresses won't fit my chubby, fat figure(・・;)

  • masako kato
    masako kato 4 hafta önce


  • Loo Poli
    Loo Poli 4 hafta önce

    7:36 😍

  • Andrea Fortebraccia
    Andrea Fortebraccia 4 hafta önce

    Ma qua siamo andati oltre la bellezza dei vestiti sono stra stra ×1000 volte ripetuto bellissimi bravi a quelli che l'hanno creati (vestiti)😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😙😍😙😘😍😚😛😙😍😘😚😛😍😙😗😘😚😙😘😚👸😮

  • star Ice
    star Ice 1 ay önce

    I love watching these videos with my best friend

  • みーさん
    みーさん 1 ay önce


  • Sadia Ibrahim
    Sadia Ibrahim 1 ay önce

    I like 1:13, 1:40 ,2:16 and 3:40👗

  • Дарина Миллер

    Давайте наберём на этом комментарии много лайков, что бы американцы подумали что я сказала что то умное!😂

  • Bushra Ashar
    Bushra Ashar 1 ay önce

    09:12 best.

  • Hally Malfoy Potter
    Hally Malfoy Potter 1 ay önce

    Am I the only one that was expecting the angel ones in the picture!?

  • As Llam
    As Llam 1 ay önce

    Ikici yani yesil olana asik oldum

  • Cjdjfj Cjfjdnx
    Cjdjfj Cjfjdnx 1 ay önce