Irish People Watch Jacksepticeye For The First Time

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  • "He should run for President, he'd probably get it." Subscribe to our channel : Related Videos Playlist: (Irish People Try Things) (Factual Videos) Facts on social networks : Twitter : Facebook : Instagram: Snapchat: "factsyoutube" ---------------------------------------------------------- Behind the video : Jacksepticeye is one of the worlds largest YouTubers and despite being Irish, many people in Ireland have never heard of him. We picked three videos of his and showed them to our contributors to give them an idea of what he's like. This is how they reacted. Credits : Produced by Creative Nation Music licensed from Epidemic Sounds You can view the contributors that featured in this video at: ------------------------------------------------------------ Related Previous Videos : Irish People Watch The Worst of Fox News Irish People Watch 16 and Pregnant For The First Time
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  • Ashley Smith
    Ashley Smith 4 gün önce

    I definitely wouldn't go for a drink with him.
    2 and a half minutes later...
    I'd go for a pint with him.

  • zwara king
    zwara king 3 hafta önce

    Where are the potatoes ate ???

  • Daniel Kinehan
    Daniel Kinehan 1 ay önce

    Why do they seem shocked that someone actually works 12hrs a day...some people actually have to work for a living lol

  • Rabid _Monster24
    Rabid _Monster24 2 ay önce

    I'd go for a pint with them seems like good dudes.

    PEWDIEPIES LEGS 2 ay önce

    Im honestly glad to say I'm 15.6% irish :D

  • Jonah Chang in A442
    Jonah Chang in A442 2 ay önce

    3:06 Who put “mumbling” in the captions? That’s just disrespectful.

  • Kamryn Turner
    Kamryn Turner 2 ay önce


  • TessaMxdory95, a Wattpad Author

    If they REALLY wanted to be freaked out, they should have watched his MAD MAX video!! 🤣🤣🤣 he was borderline SCARY in that one!😅

  • Lann1 Kay
    Lann1 Kay 3 ay önce

    Just straight up "he's got adhd"

  • Alex Cho
    Alex Cho 4 ay önce

    "gamers don't have girlfriends" lmfao

  • irregularnoodles
    irregularnoodles 5 ay önce

    They didn't even get to see the egos...

  • Suzanne de Vreugd
    Suzanne de Vreugd 5 ay önce

    3min plz transelations

  • Dylan idk
    Dylan idk 5 ay önce



    future me: damn

  • LoboDeSombra 861
    LoboDeSombra 861 6 ay önce

    1 like = 1 vote for President Jacksepticeye! (Even tho he wasn’t born in America...oh well, still votin for him!)

  • MST3Killa
    MST3Killa 6 ay önce

    ...22 million subs later and he's Irelands biggest export outside of Guinness...

  • Christian Bermanski
    Christian Bermanski 6 ay önce

    Wait till ya here him sream jackseptaeye:HAAAPPPPPPPY WHEEEEEEEELS me:*takes off headphones*annnnd now my ears are dead yaaay

    Also who's watching in 2019

  • Justin Keith
    Justin Keith 7 ay önce

    The Happy wheels in this episode is #66.

  • BadCartoonist42
    BadCartoonist42 7 ay önce

    who else tried to turn on subtitles for the galic part? lol i kinda want to know what they we're saying now

  • Float
    Float 7 ay önce

    I wish I was Irish :( it’s just a beautiful country and language/accent

  • Alaska
    Alaska 7 ay önce

    Don't disrespect Irish Pewdipie like that ever again

  • blu birb
    blu birb 8 ay önce

    I'm just over here mad that they talked over the I LOVE BALLS. I can do both his intro and outro perfectly too

  • Matthew Fredericks
    Matthew Fredericks 8 ay önce

    Someone needs to show jacksepticeye this video

  • Shawn DeChane
    Shawn DeChane 9 ay önce

    Happy Wheels lol !!! FuQed-up Funny !!!

  • Jke 2013
    Jke 2013 9 ay önce



  • Fandom Editor
    Fandom Editor 9 ay önce

    Omg I have been waiting for this all my life

  • Icewolf Wolfie
    Icewolf Wolfie 9 ay önce

    Hey I'm from the Netherlands!...and...yeh it's true xD

  • MJ Junior
    MJ Junior 9 ay önce


  • Lilsinatraisthebae 12

    People make out he's a crazy screamin bitch, but he's much more than that

  • melvant bali
    melvant bali 9 ay önce

    This video is like WoW players react to Leeroy Jenkins.
    like wtf

  • mr_chaotic_ neutral
    mr_chaotic_ neutral 9 ay önce

    I think they're more proud of him than Sweden is of pewdiepie

  • Scyclone Gaming
    Scyclone Gaming 9 ay önce

    He curses an awful lot

  • Animations of Art
    Animations of Art 9 ay önce

    For the people who don't speak Irish:An bhfil tú ceart go léor I dó cean? = Are you ok in the head?

  • Pandora
    Pandora 9 ay önce

    “We are going to watch JackSeminisah”

  • CV Robson
    CV Robson 9 ay önce


  • Stephen Gordon
    Stephen Gordon 9 ay önce

    at the An bhuifl tu ceart go leor i do cheann said are you alright in the head and then he said yes i am alright in the head

  • Tiernan Connor
    Tiernan Connor 9 ay önce

    He does not have anger esuaise k that's his personality

  • NatW
    NatW 9 ay önce

    to me the best ones are when he played papers please xD

  • I hate everyone equally

    love it

  • XF Shpee
    XF Shpee 9 ay önce

    That happy wheels part you see, that ain't no child that is a demon

  • XF Shpee
    XF Shpee 9 ay önce

    Are you guys deaf yet?