Florida Man’s Beef Over Cold Food Leads To Gunplay At McDonald's

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  • Donkey of the Day for Thursday September 12, 2019 goes to two Florida men who's fight over cold food leads to guns drawn at a local McDonald's. Subscribe NOW to The Breakfast Club: http://ihe.art/xZ4vAcA Get MORE of The Breakfast Club: ► WATCH MORE: https://www.youtube.com/user/breakfastclubpowerfm ► LISTEN LIVE: https://TheBreakfastClub.iheart.com/ ► CATCH UP on What You Missed: http://ihe.art/Dx2xSGN ► FOLLOW The Breakfast Club on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/BreakfastClubAM/ ► FOLLOW The Breakfast Club Twitter: https://twitter.com/BreakfastClubAM ► LIKE The Breakfast Club on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BreakfastClubAM/ Get more Power 105: ► Listen LIVE: http://power1051fm.com/ ► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Power1051NY/ ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/power1051/ ► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/power1051/ The Breakfast Club features celebrity interviews, Charlamagne tha God’s Donkey of the Day, Angela Yee’s Rumor Reports, DJ Envy’s mixes and so much more! Every guest visiting the world’s most dangerous morning show is grilled with their signature blend of honesty and humor. The results are the best interviews to be found on radio. #BreakfastClub #DonkeyOfTheDay #FloridaMan
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  • SikSh0oter
    SikSh0oter 2 hafta önce

    Man, they deserve a Remy Ma "heehaw" for this

  • Steven Brathwaite
    Steven Brathwaite 4 hafta önce

    florida gonna florida 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jas Tiana
    Jas Tiana 1 ay önce


  • Darell Hunter
    Darell Hunter 1 ay önce

    Florida people aint crazy, they just a bunch of assholes.

  • Abdul-Rahman Washington

    2:26 - “I don’t play bout my food”

  • Abdul-Rahman Washington

    Florida is hell on earth

  • Brown Jesus
    Brown Jesus 1 ay önce

    I thought this was Tommy Soto at first ... cause we been knew about BT1000’s and Ed 209’s. And I didn’t watch the video before I wrote this comment...💁🏾‍♂️😌 lemme see if I’m right 😁

  • El Perro Loco
    El Perro Loco 1 ay önce

    Florida has a mental health crisis. There I said it.

  • Ghost On A Bike
    Ghost On A Bike 1 ay önce

    I wonder what the charge is for this lol

  • Shawn Juan
    Shawn Juan 1 ay önce

    Without bond ?? They ain't kill nobody , that's how racist the state of Florida is , I'm not saying they right but come on no bond ??

  • Jawuan Hunter
    Jawuan Hunter 1 ay önce

    This Nigga jawuan too stupid to have my name🤦🏽‍♂️ we are trading you

  • Nuno Herdeiro
    Nuno Herdeiro 1 ay önce

    Black at it again

  • dr. bombbay
    dr. bombbay 1 ay önce


  • 11thWoods
    11thWoods 2 ay önce

    High expectations for a Mickey Ds. LOL

  • Darnell Jackson
    Darnell Jackson 2 ay önce

    Black people we have to do better

  • Tyten Mitchell
    Tyten Mitchell 2 ay önce

    So we gonna ignore the first 5 seconds of the video lol

  • Florida Baby
    Florida Baby 2 ay önce

    Man why my state always fuckinG up

  • Beryl Myende
    Beryl Myende 2 ay önce

    Jordan “not the supermodel” Dunn🤣🤣🤣

  • TonyHassanIG
    TonyHassanIG 2 ay önce

    Most relatable part of all of this was @2:24 "I do not play about my food" 😂😃😂😂

  • Russell Scott Smith Jr

    So Gunplay was at McDonald's?

  • Calvin Williams
    Calvin Williams 2 ay önce


  • Soilder of Love
    Soilder of Love 2 ay önce

    I bet that McDonald's will never sell a cold hamburger again.

  • Hugh Jaboner
    Hugh Jaboner 2 ay önce

    Damn just skip to 2:00 trust me you won't miss shit

  • brian jones
    brian jones 2 ay önce

    Stop coming for FLORIDA, Breakfast club has an agenda

  • Dejavu Wilson 84
    Dejavu Wilson 84 2 ay önce

    Must be the State drinkin Water of Florida

  • roger thornton
    roger thornton 2 ay önce

    Nope when it comes to crazy race doesn’t matter. !!!!! 😂😭😂😭😂😭

  • Prince Rhem
    Prince Rhem 2 ay önce

    It's the Gunshine state get it right

  • Paige White
    Paige White 2 ay önce

    We USED to be "The Shit" FOREAL our here.

  • R.O.T.C SEEM
    R.O.T.C SEEM 2 ay önce

    If my food then I want a refund because if somebody don't care enough to make sure it's hot they don't care enough for your opinion and will spit in your shit

  • Kaos One
    Kaos One 2 ay önce

    They better watch out for that hamburglar! He stays strapped and doesn't play that shit.

  • Gambino. Mack
    Gambino. Mack 2 ay önce

    This nigga said “Jitt” 😂

  • B Woke
    B Woke 2 ay önce

    Ronald McDonald should be replaced by Pennywise....

    WOLFSLYWALKER 2 ay önce

    Ofcourse Florida. There's literally nothing good that comes from that place.

  • Beverly Waits
    Beverly Waits 2 ay önce

    I for one feel you fellows about you getting hot fresh food. Because you should get what you pay for. Even if its just a dollar. hell you've paid for it!However i surely don't agree with waiving a gun in someone's face that's serious consequences!My advice to you and others who are pissed off with Cold FOOD. when thier managers dont give a D*M call their HOME OFFICE and report and complain to the Higher Uppers!!every time i bet they will do. Better with SERVICE!!!👏🏾👏🏾

  • Ed G
    Ed G 2 ay önce

    Give them 30 years

  • Beverly Waits
    Beverly Waits 2 ay önce

    I live in Montgomery and I've notice that McDonald's Food has gone down something Terrible. They are quick to give you some cold left over food whenN the timer runs out. They will sell it to you anyway to keep waste down. They don't care if it makes you sick. and have a serious attitude when you complain about it. Maybe it's because McDonald's is hiring all of these younger people..mostly still in high school who don't care about your food or having a friendly attitude. To them it's about that Paycheck to hurry up and get those hair and nails done(Girls)and those expensivel Tennis shoes (guys)and not giving a D××M about the customers or being rude and the so called Managers just give them a slap on the wrist and look the other way!Now with this being said .If all of us dissatisfied customers would go over the Managers head and call their Home Office. just maybe they would do better and have a better attitude when serving and greeting customers. And just maybe we will get hot fresh food!(ONE CAN ONLY HOPE)for a change!!I'm happy that CHICK-FIL-A don't play that.Humm you will always. Always get fresh and wonderful food no matter what time of day it is.even close to closing time!(SOME)McDonald's will give you some S**T that is time for waste!!STAY WOKE PEOPLE!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙄

  • CoolKid97
    CoolKid97 2 ay önce

    “Niggas in their natural habitat “

  • King Cav
    King Cav 2 ay önce

    How y'all not Floridian keep coming here with the bullshit

  • Blaze With Nella
    Blaze With Nella 2 ay önce

    Does being hungry make Florida people crazy or does being crazy make Florida people hungry 🤔asking from NY lml

  • Mwalimu Wade
    Mwalimu Wade 2 ay önce

    Single mom's disaster