Magicians Choose Amanda Holden on Britain's Got Talent 2019 | Magicians Got Talent

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  • Rainfall
    Rainfall 1 ay önce

    The second dude talks like morgz

  • Alfred Seferi
    Alfred Seferi 1 ay önce


  • harsh choudhari
    harsh choudhari 1 ay önce

    amala kay yada samaztat ki kay tumchya peksha bhari zhakas magic
    amchya indiat choti pora kartat bobay madun ball direct delhi 1 sec dat pathavtat
    tumhi hagre ahet

  • jfilesgraphics
    jfilesgraphics 1 ay önce

    Why do they always pick her?? I know she's hot but they always pick her. She must be hard up for cash.

  • Stella MoonBlade
    Stella MoonBlade 1 ay önce

    Ok.. it gave me chills.. no joke, incredible.. I love magic tricks

  • Amy Schiller
    Amy Schiller 2 ay önce

    Ok so again the lady that uses Amanda but this time it's the ghost and her daughter, who was cruelly taken away. First the 100 year old music book. Did books have metal binding 100 years ago? I don't believe so. This magician should have given Amanda a little bit more time to think of the song before the daughter, aka actress, starts singing the song Amanda is supposedly singing in her head. Or when the blanket is lifted, you can clearly hear noises as if something is opening and closing. I assume it's the hidden door considering the daughter disappears and re-enters to the left of Amanda and wait for it, soooo scarey, BOOM, the mirror breaks and the mother appears in the black corner behind the now broken mirror. The dramatic ending to this skit is the dead daughter and the magician who MAGICALLY disappears when the lights go out. Now there's no way guys that the two easily walked out of the room when the lights go out? All I am trying to say is this act does have great potential. Again I am a dedicated fan of anything that goes bump in the night and this did hold me until the music book and then at that point it lost me.

  • max vanrohlua
    max vanrohlua 2 ay önce

    Whattt the .... i got scare
    But in 19:50 i see someone swaping behind the wall

  • 김기생
    김기생 2 ay önce


  • nkazimulo ndlovu
    nkazimulo ndlovu 2 ay önce

    Original witchcraft 😩

  • Parmida Keshvari
    Parmida Keshvari 2 ay önce


  • Chang Nina
    Chang Nina 3 ay önce


  • Soyer Mara
    Soyer Mara 3 ay önce

    The last 1 is etited

  • prostoman7
    prostoman7 3 ay önce

    Аманда помрёт прямо там когда-нибудь

  • Zahid Jutt
    Zahid Jutt 3 ay önce

    I love this show
    Coming in shows the Pakistan
    Zahid Pakistani ♥ ♥

  • coco baby
    coco baby 3 ay önce

    It is not the same photo she took out.

  • Bob Rhea
    Bob Rhea 3 ay önce

    i absolutely detest the ads that pop up during videos, and I would NEVER EVER cater to businesses that advertise this way !

  • sabu king
    sabu king 3 ay önce

    Amanda have nice body damm girl is hot

  • francisco Delta
    francisco Delta 3 ay önce


  • Mohd Rizwan
    Mohd Rizwan 3 ay önce

    गाँड़ फाड् जादू 😄😄

  • GunnyTheFlyingBunny
    GunnyTheFlyingBunny 3 ay önce

    the water trick was done with water gel , funny but lame

  • Tria Mei
    Tria Mei 3 ay önce

    All of us is amazing!!!!!!

  • Guilhem Fernandez
    Guilhem Fernandez 3 ay önce

    Is everyone trying to bang Amanda?

  • Dot Dot
    Dot Dot 3 ay önce

    Simon. I wish you were single. I’m just holding on my imaginations.

  • Lilly Purcell
    Lilly Purcell 3 ay önce

    These people really trying to give Amanda a heart attack 🤣

  • Elnur Elnurov
    Elnur Elnurov 3 ay önce


  • king amani
    king amani 3 ay önce

    I really really love 💖 Amanda I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ why I really really love 💖 Amanda can someone tell me why I love 💖 Amanda soooooooooooooooo much

  • Popper Galib
    Popper Galib 3 ay önce

    Even judges are paid artists 😂 what an acting 😂

  • Swapnesh
    Swapnesh 3 ay önce

    I surely can't be the only one who thinks that AGT is waaaay better than BGT. 🤓

  • NikoVanAthand
    NikoVanAthand 3 ay önce

    I have no idea about UK celebs and who that Amanda is and why she's there.. but God, on that last clip with the red dress she is just fabulous!

  • Omar Ahmed
    Omar Ahmed 3 ay önce

    19:53 you can see Elizabeth hiding beinind the wall

  • Rayan Ben Attya أبو ذر التونسي

    Amanda got well paid ...

  • CallMeUnkillable
    CallMeUnkillable 3 ay önce

    OMG! ! ! !

  • Raul Nao
    Raul Nao 3 ay önce

    1st one is an easy trick. She is acting like a witch,making it creepy. So funny though when u know the trick. 😂😅

  • Jayvee Paraiso
    Jayvee Paraiso 3 ay önce

    Im scard!

  • Lucas sacuL
    Lucas sacuL 3 ay önce

    I love Amanda

  • terry Sullivan
    terry Sullivan 3 ay önce

    Sorry but the ghost stuff is so obviously fake.

  • fimutsu
    fimutsu 3 ay önce

    this is fake here is why if it was real at 15:52 when she touched simons nose amanda wouldve screamed or at least made reflex but she didnt do anything and said she felt something oof so obvious i just wanna enlighten u and let u know dis is fake acting

  • NynyDaravy
    NynyDaravy 3 ay önce

    the second one is just an illusion, works for kids birthday parties but not talent shows

  • Kieran Stott
    Kieran Stott 3 ay önce

    Who else sees the person come out at 19:53

    GIPSY DANGER 3 ay önce

    19:51 WTF what a magic why are you hiding at the back of amanda 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 SCAM BABY 😂😂😂😂😂