Kendall Jenner Addresses Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Rumors

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  • Heart Break
    Heart Break 1 hafta önce

    She was once prettier ....

  • Binty CZZ
    Binty CZZ 1 ay önce

    LMFAOAOAO “ I don’t call it anything” 😂

  • Musa _Milk
    Musa _Milk 1 ay önce

    F**k all the haters!!”

  • Vogue Dispatch
    Vogue Dispatch 2 ay önce

    Its earring or a mirror HAHA 🤣 but kendall always slay it

  • Leticia Arslanian
    Leticia Arslanian 2 ay önce


  • tem changkiri
    tem changkiri 3 ay önce

    She is starting to look like Kris jenner

  • xxxLilxMsxSunshinexxx 13


  • f fluffyforlyf
    f fluffyforlyf 3 ay önce

    She looks good in bangs lol

  • La Footballeuse
    La Footballeuse 3 ay önce


  • devil boy
    devil boy 4 ay önce

    Legs legs legs

  • Abdo Usef
    Abdo Usef 4 ay önce

    I can't tell if this is Kris or Kendall

  • Kiran Riar
    Kiran Riar 4 ay önce

    Kendall is very pretty

    TRALALALALA Film 5 ay önce

    She looked better with her old hair and less tanned skin. Just my opinion

  • Jen Tan
    Jen Tan 5 ay önce

    'Your mother would know?'
    Her mother would have PLANNED it.

  • Selena Dimitrijevic
    Selena Dimitrijevic 5 ay önce

    Am I the only one who didn't like her outfit at all?

  • Rebecca Yegudayeva
    Rebecca Yegudayeva 5 ay önce

    I love ellen

  • anel b
    anel b 5 ay önce

    omg if u ever get phora in ur show and scared him that would be the best thinggg... his reaction 😂🤩

  • anel b
    anel b 5 ay önce

    imagine phora in one of your shows 🤩

  • Shannon K
    Shannon K 6 ay önce

    I love her earrings!!!

  • bncoolc
    bncoolc 6 ay önce

    Kendall now has Khloe's lips. The transformation is night and day.

  • Maria D
    Maria D 6 ay önce


  • Free Soul
    Free Soul 6 ay önce

    Lips got some filling😏

  • Free Soul
    Free Soul 6 ay önce

    This girl doesn't need make up... NO NO

  • Uchiha Avenger
    Uchiha Avenger 6 ay önce

    no tea to spill this time

  • Lana del Plaith
    Lana del Plaith 6 ay önce

    I feel like becoming a model was the best thing she ever did. She feels ... happy. Don't diss modelling because it's still a passion and there is an art to it and there is a relationship between the photographer and the model's "character" she is playing and in that relationship the image becomes art. Fashion, modelling and image are all art forms - it is its own world and there's no pretence that models are as important as actors, but still I wouldn't diss them.

  • Lana del Plaith
    Lana del Plaith 6 ay önce

    She's really so beautiful. Kendall is the prettiest of the Kardashians. I think Kim can look beautiful, but that bottom is so exaggerated!

  • atieh salemi
    atieh salemi 6 ay önce

    Baby #2 means he’s her second baby. Like a cute thing you call your man because they’re still acting like your child.

  • Tacos Are life
    Tacos Are life 6 ay önce

    What if Baby #2 is just a cute thing Kylie calls Travis (just a reasonable thought)

  • Dqlly
    Dqlly 6 ay önce

    Kendall looks a little like Selena Gomez xD

  • Siphesihle Nkosi
    Siphesihle Nkosi 6 ay önce

    That hair though🤓

  • Ashley Xo
    Ashley Xo 6 ay önce

    Kylie Jenner is so famous that they bring her sisters into interviews JUST to ask about her

  • September seventeen
    September seventeen 6 ay önce

    She talks fast compared to her sisters lol

  • Sammer Goals
    Sammer Goals 6 ay önce

    Haters are telling kendelle to get her boobs done but she never did. Fact. She is the only petty kard/jen. Fact.

  • m e h e k
    m e h e k 6 ay önce

    Shes gorgeoussss😍💓

  • Hus Seven שבע
    Hus Seven שבע 6 ay önce

    I made a great video, but nobody is watching it :(

  • Interesting Stuff
    Interesting Stuff 6 ay önce

    Her head looks deformed 🤔😐

  • m cadez
    m cadez 6 ay önce

    Bangs doesnt look good on her

  • John Blake
    John Blake 6 ay önce

    Where is Bumble Bee?

  • Nayema Nayen
    Nayema Nayen 6 ay önce

    Kendall used to look so different than her sisters. She was the only one who had looks of natural beauty. She looks like Kylie now.

  • Jordyn Berezan
    Jordyn Berezan 6 ay önce

    the bangs.................