Making of Halo: Fireteam Raven

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  • Join us for an inside look at the development of Halo: Fireteam Raven. Hear from development teams at Raw Thrills, Play Mechanix, and 343 Industries to find out what it takes to bring an arcade experience to life, from developing the game itself to building the massive and imposing physical cabinet to house it all! --- Connect with us! Web: Twitter: Instagram: Mixer: Twitch:
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  • Texas guy
    Texas guy 1 ay önce

    I wanna buy one for my house.

  • Anonymous Youtuber
    Anonymous Youtuber 2 ay önce

    Terrible game

  • VelvetNemesis02
    VelvetNemesis02 4 ay önce

    They did a great job, the game is really fun.

  • Testsubject276
    Testsubject276 6 ay önce

    hope i can find one of these cabinets somewhere...

  • alex teague
    alex teague 7 ay önce

    Don’t understand all the flak this game is getting, it’s a fun new experience. Yes we want more online experience and more info and work for infinite but honestly they’ve probably got hundreds of people working on that already and think of this as a cool side project for halo. So stop getting your panties in a bunch and next time you go out with your friends to Dave and busters just go and have fun playing the game

  • Andrew Crocker
    Andrew Crocker 7 ay önce

    Could you play this all by yourself or is it a must to have 3 others with you?

  • ShellShocked Ant
    ShellShocked Ant 7 ay önce

    I got to play this, it was a blast!

  • Stepwise Urchin
    Stepwise Urchin 7 ay önce

    Why are they putting this much time into things that aren't relevant for everyone?. I wanna bet there isn't a single one of these arcade machines in my country.

  • Beckie0909 XBOX GT
    Beckie0909 XBOX GT 8 ay önce

    Add infection to mcc

  • ChiefSlump09 YT
    ChiefSlump09 YT 8 ay önce

    Can you send that arcade game of Halo fire team raven to Australia because I really want to
    play it and I love halo and I live in Australia btw.
    I love halo even tho I’m to young.

  • Major Anthony
    Major Anthony 8 ay önce

    I hope i can play it at other arcades soon not just Dave and Busters

  • Loyd Hutchings
    Loyd Hutchings 8 ay önce

    Actually took the day off for my birthday and went to Dave and Busters and played this. It cost me about $22 to play at start to finish on my own and it was actually a lot of fun

  • Benjo Kazooie
    Benjo Kazooie 8 ay önce

    "Who does not want to make a Halo game?"


  • UnOtaku Nomas
    UnOtaku Nomas 8 ay önce

    It means you will do a Halo CE but remasterized?

  • Bethesgie
    Bethesgie 8 ay önce

    I love 343 industries ❤

  • maverick276b
    maverick276b 8 ay önce

    There's no powerups or bonuses to change up the gameplay, they just hand you guns you have to take. Game took $40 for me and three friends to beat.

  • Collin Joseph Neal
    Collin Joseph Neal 8 ay önce

    Fantastic documentary and definitely know exactly what build to do for a pinball machine if you guys are still looking to do that.

  • Spir Zug
    Spir Zug 8 ay önce

    This was great, it's at Dave & Busters

  • Miles Lange
    Miles Lange 8 ay önce

    What do you mean take Halo out of the PC world? I though Halo is only on XBox

  • Cory Sloss
    Cory Sloss 8 ay önce

    Hey thats me and my beautiful girlfriend trying out the HALO : Fireteam Raven thank you 343 for letting us be one of the FIRST to try it out before it came to Dave n Busters near you!

  • Daniel Cooper
    Daniel Cooper 8 ay önce

    I need this in georgia

  • Xavier Carreón
    Xavier Carreón 8 ay önce

    When will released for Kinect? :D

  • Meeka Sabyrov
    Meeka Sabyrov 8 ay önce

    okay, so this is cool and all. But why is this getting priority over bringing the MCC to PC? the PC market has been waiting for what, like 14 years, since Halo 2 came to PC and nothing has happened since

  • Freddie Portillo
    Freddie Portillo 8 ay önce

    Theres gotta be a GEARS arcade game next!

  • ZarianPalma
    ZarianPalma 8 ay önce

    is this what they were doing instead of getting halo mcc fix? lol disappointed

  • Bert Lensch
    Bert Lensch 8 ay önce

    Awesome game, but OMG the Halo pinball game needs to happen still... even if it is only on the Pinball FX platform!!!

  • TheYearlyFeed
    TheYearlyFeed 8 ay önce

    I played this at Dave and busters yesterday

  • Reclaimer Blade
    Reclaimer Blade 8 ay önce

    I'm going to wait 10+ years to ask Microsoft if I can somehow turn my Fan-made novel into a game, but rn I'm not even in 8th grade😂 I wish you guys can make something truly with an awe lasting effect on this community. We're relying on you guys, if ever you need advice just ask our community🙆

  • ISAFMobius18
    ISAFMobius18 8 ay önce

    How much for one?

  • Arc 48
    Arc 48 8 ay önce

    Is that background music from Fireteam Raven or could it be one of Infinite’s tracks?

  • John Doe
    John Doe 8 ay önce

    I’m not a gamer but I find this really interesting. Love the Halo world and it’s characters and think the Halo movies are better than some Hollywood ones.

  • Venom Airsoft
    Venom Airsoft 8 ay önce

    Man, I want my own personal one, where is this price tag............

    Oh, well maybe next year...

    Arcade here I come!

  • Orchidahus
    Orchidahus 8 ay önce

    That smells insincerity a lot.

  • Nick Blades
    Nick Blades 8 ay önce

    343 is now one step closer to completely killing halo

  • troyisfilming
    troyisfilming 8 ay önce

    That’s a hell of an arcade cabinet!

  • Flaming Dragon15
    Flaming Dragon15 8 ay önce

    I can’t wait to steal some kills from my brothers!

  • AbooV2
    AbooV2 8 ay önce


  • Ben K
    Ben K 8 ay önce

    2:11 in I stopped, shitty developer talking about making game.

  • MedalGearSalad
    MedalGearSalad 8 ay önce

    Not gonna lie this looks boss asf

  • AMBR8978
    AMBR8978 8 ay önce

    This was super cool. Gives me hope that something akin to 'The Sprint' series will return for Halo Infinite as well!