Hoya Plant Haul | Hoya Obsession

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  • Elizabeth M
    Elizabeth M 1 ay önce

    You got the same plant 😂 but you are lucky. Here in Canada you would have to pay $80 for a Hoya like the one that you got at Home Depot.
    The more the merrier 😉

  • Sarah B
    Sarah B 4 ay önce


  • HPE Teacher
    HPE Teacher 4 ay önce

    Isn't the Hoya Carnosa Tricolor Crimson Princess the same as a Hoya Rubra?

  • HPE Teacher
    HPE Teacher 4 ay önce

    Hi Mya! How are you?
    I am not happy and wanted to get your opinion.
    A friend saw a pic of my 4 year old Crimson Queen. She said the long tendril with the white leaves needs to be cut off. It is draining the energy from the rest of the plant, since it can not photosynthesize and it is so long. I ask Dan Chamberlin and Maria from Maria's Gardens and they both agree.
    What do you think I should do?

  • Leeloo Carson
    Leeloo Carson 5 ay önce

    What a great find at home depot!!!! I'll occasionally stop by mine too for Hoyas. Last year I found a beautiful large hoya Chelsea. 😁

  • Rikke Luveplants
    Rikke Luveplants 5 ay önce

    I know, I love, I hoyaholic, I wanna have all hoya and many also :D

  • Nicole Provenzano
    Nicole Provenzano 5 ay önce

    Love your Hoya halls and your videos just about hoyas! I recently got Hoya crimson queen and Hoya crimson princess and Hoya wayetti and am completely in love with them! Still trying to learn more about them, maybe you could do a watering and lighting and overall tips that you think others would benefit from on Hoya care!

  • Shirah
    Shirah 6 ay önce

    So what if they are the same, they are beautiful. I like hoyas too. I can't find them anywhere near me. Have never seen them at the Home Depot or lowes either. Trailing plants are my favorites. I did get a hoya carnosa crimson queen from an etsy store. Just rooted cuttings but healthy and it fit perfectly in a little ceramic pot I found at my local Goodwill store. Growing nicely.

  • Elizabeth Duecker
    Elizabeth Duecker 6 ay önce

    We could definitely be friends. Ha Ha. I too have done The Walk of Shame through my front door when purchasing a Wish List Plant. That Hoya was WELL worth the money. Think of all the money you have saved on discounted plants in the past. You deserve this one.

  • Gladys Alva
    Gladys Alva 6 ay önce

    Las hoyas las compra zon hermoso me gustaria comunicarme con usted donde los compra

  • Gladys Alva
    Gladys Alva 6 ay önce

    Que hermoso esa planta de Hoya

  • Julia Feliciano
    Julia Feliciano 6 ay önce

    Really beautiful I have many plants 🌱 but no hoyas

  • Janie Harvey
    Janie Harvey 6 ay önce

    Love hoyas too! I have the Rubra, Variegated Hindu Rope, Variegated Kerii & one I don’t know the identity of! I’m on the lookout for the cute Serpens now! Thanks for sharing!

  • Gerard's Horticulture Culture

    Good deal ! I havent bought one yet😏😏

  • maliha a.
    maliha a. 6 ay önce

    You know, if you don't have one already, you should totally be on the lookout for a Hoya retusa. They're like the bad hair days of hoyas, except with way much more style than your traditional bad hair day!

  • Orchid and Kitties
    Orchid and Kitties 6 ay önce

    I think you are in warmer area.my area home depot or lowes do not bring Hoyas.I order from ebay so far I have two small Hoyas.If I was in your place I would of buy those Hoyas too.so don't feel guilty.thanks for sharing.

  • April Sims
    April Sims 6 ay önce

    I have the driest Home Depot in the US I swear to God. I can only find pothos and philodendrons I got lucky once and found a calathea marxii but that's it lol. I need to move

  • HPE Teacher
    HPE Teacher 6 ay önce

    Hi Mya! How are you?
    Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!
    What did you spray your plant with to get rid of the Mealy Bugs?
    I only have a Hota Carnosa Tricolor Cremson Queen. I love that plant. I do not see many Hoya's in my area.
    Enjoy your day!

  • Angela T
    Angela T 6 ay önce

    Your Hoya addiction is growing like mine!!! That Hoya Serpens is adorable and not a bad deal! I also recently found a few Hoyas at Home Depot/lowes! Great deal!!! :)

  • Kim Rashad
    Kim Rashad 6 ay önce

    I like the red leaves on the larger one

  • LeanaCecelia
    LeanaCecelia 6 ay önce

    I understand not being able to stop buying plants..especially hoyas & trailing plants 💕😭

  • Shelly Lubin
    Shelly Lubin 6 ay önce

    "Let say their different and make me happy" 😂😂😂love it😂😂😂

  • Ch S
    Ch S 6 ay önce

    I went to home depot this morning looking for a hoya and there was no hoya in site. I ended up with 3 aloe vera starter plants and 3 10" planters.

  • amanda brightwell
    amanda brightwell 6 ay önce

    I got an ad! I'm not even mad! Congrats girl! Your Hoya videos make me so happy! My Hoya obsession is real! 😂

  • Glynda Giles
    Glynda Giles 6 ay önce

    I understand plant obsessions! 😊 I honestly believe it's healthy for us. Beautiful hoyas! Thank you for sharing.

  • Flora Tran
    Flora Tran 6 ay önce

    they look like they are both hoya krimson princess's but sooooo pretty :3

  • Pam Ela
    Pam Ela 6 ay önce

    Eeeep! That tiny Hoya is the cutest