I Made A Giant 30-Pound Burger

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  • Bob Rossy Boi
    Bob Rossy Boi Biraz önce

    You know my perfect burger is just a possum between 2 leaves.

  • EPIC Things
    EPIC Things 6 dakika önce

    It must be amazing to work at tasty as someone's making something everyday. And everyone gets to eat tasty stuff.😋🍮🍔🍔🍕🍝🍟

  • Vine from my head
    Vine from my head 19 dakika önce

    BigMac: Am I a joke to you?

  • Stop Logic
    Stop Logic 25 dakika önce

    halfway through this video there was a add for hungry jacks's vegan cheese burger. ooft.

  • Jaysen 4329
    Jaysen 4329 35 dakika önce


  • Ashley Marie
    Ashley Marie 46 dakika önce

    "Ow it's hot" 😑😑😑 duhhhhhhh

  • Ashley Marie
    Ashley Marie 51 dakika önce

    My 10 year old daughter has a thing for asains lol

    LERON WRIGHT 1 saat önce

    Too me, when you cut the burger the inside looks sooooooooo good.

  • Emily Williams
    Emily Williams 1 saat önce

    This looking hot very very thiccccccc

  • Franz Gopaul
    Franz Gopaul 2 saat önce

    Grilled cheese

  • Kourosh Daneshi
    Kourosh Daneshi 2 saat önce

    What you made a 30 lb double cheeseburger...

  • Angelica Corona coronel

    Burritos 🌯

  • Lukas Manos
    Lukas Manos 3 saat önce

    Beans Greens Potatoes Tomatoes
    Lamb Rams Hogs Maws
    Beans Greens Potatoes Tomatoes

    Chicken Turkeys
    Chicken Turkeys
    Beans Greens Potatoes Tomatoes
    Lamb Rams Hogs Maws
    Beans Greens Potatoes Tomatoes
    Chicken Turkeys Rabbit
    YOU NAME IT!!!!!
    Beans Greens Potatoes Tomatoes
    Beans Greens Potatoes Tomatoes
    Beans Greens
    Beans Greens
    Beans Beans Beans Beans
    Beans Greens Potatoes Tomatoes
    Chicken Turkeys, Chicken Turkeys
    Beans Greens Potatoes Tomatoes
    Chicken Turkeys, Chicken Turkeys
    YOU NAME IT!!!!!
    YOU NAME IT!!!!!
    YOU NAME IT!!!!!
    YOU NAME IT!!!!!

  • 10K subs with no videos? can we hit it?

    Can you make one for my birthday too?

  • Joshua Friedman
    Joshua Friedman 3 saat önce

    30 pound burrrito

  • Pumpkin Pie
    Pumpkin Pie 3 saat önce

    Who else wants burgers right now😂

  • Gretchen Moore
    Gretchen Moore 3 saat önce

    A big chicken tender

  • voliers users
    voliers users 3 saat önce

    A big Cookie

  • Mahrya Carroll
    Mahrya Carroll 3 saat önce

    2:32... You good bro

  • XmasCarol
    XmasCarol 3 saat önce

    Make me a giant sushi

  • Kalea del Rosario
    Kalea del Rosario 4 saat önce

    Every one doesn’t like me at school 🥺

  • Jack Geithman
    Jack Geithman 4 saat önce

    Buffalo wings

  • the Creatively creative /Loki/

    This is dangerously American

  • Jahel Ramos
    Jahel Ramos 4 saat önce

    Technically a burger cake!!

  • BrockBeast 21
    BrockBeast 21 4 saat önce

    Make a giant whopper for Matt stonie

  • Allustar Plays
    Allustar Plays 4 saat önce

    The Big Mac is not relevant anymore. That title now goes to the gigantic Mac.

  • Fortnite Builder man
    Fortnite Builder man 4 saat önce

    Your the best cook

  • Agent Orange
    Agent Orange 5 saat önce

    Damn i wouldve asked for a big ice cream cake

  • Joseph Hopkins
    Joseph Hopkins 5 saat önce

    trash ass patties cuz

  • Israel Pedroza
    Israel Pedroza 5 saat önce

    "There is no such thing as too much cheese" Amen bro.

  • Kyla Latreece
    Kyla Latreece 5 saat önce

    I thought it said 300 pound burger.... I’m disappointed 😔

  • CrimsonDev_Reaper
    CrimsonDev_Reaper 5 saat önce

    Ahhh thats hot ,thats hot. Will smith reference

  • wolfqueen wolfqueenhell


  • wolfqueen wolfqueenhell

    That nice sharing is caring

    HOLY sKAdOoDLE 5 saat önce

    Salt is not season

  • Adora Shahbanu
    Adora Shahbanu 5 saat önce

    I just had a great burger two days ago for the first time with green pepper and red pepper and it was amazing!...As im looking at this one I imagine the burger here with pepper and onions and stuff lol...looks amazing!!

  • Epic 27
    Epic 27 5 saat önce

    My favourite food is gyros

  • Ali Rezaie
    Ali Rezaie 5 saat önce

    5 big Mac in la in the team 10

  • David
    David 5 saat önce

    can i be your friend so i can have a bite at this.

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom 5 saat önce

    Spicy Ramen that is super red with a lot of cheese and lots of spice