The Side Effects of Vaccines - How High is the Risk?

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  • Sources: Vaccines are one of our best tools to prevent dangerous diseases, but they come with side effects. So would it be safer not to vaccinate? This video has been supported by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. If you are interested how much sponsorships influence our videos, we wrote about that in detail here: Support us on Patreon so we can make more videos (and get cool stuff in return): Kurzgesagt Newsletter: Kurzgesagt Merch: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Discord: The music of the video here: Soundcloud: Bandcamp: Youtube: Facebook: THANKS A LOT TO OUR LOVELY PATRONS FOR SUPPORTING US:Marsha Sohn, Henri Holler, Michelle, Dan Crowley, Alex Hackman, Sammy Mikhael, Marcus Thorén, Kevin Harris, Jayami, Andreas Poletti, David Coates, Omar Galvis, Denny Zavada, Don Knowlton, Sebastian, Jay Ruthnam, Shakira Graham, MatBu, Mikhail, Sinan Taifour, Knowledge Unlimited, Odilia Krause, Anri Digholm, Dominykas, James Gaglio, Alice Jones, Narciso Jaramillo, Qaalid Hashi, Nate Bender, Gulyás Gergely, Michael Bloch, Rick Merced, Etienne Huguenot, Jonathan Lopez, Kai Smith, Benjamin Arndt, Philip Potvin, Amy Halter, Dylan polin, Zach Evans, Karan Chawla, Michael Casey, Francis Bouchard, William Gu, peck neck, Dien Buwono, Patrick Pruitt, Alexander Isayenko, Connor Doherty, Kierr Suñega, Kongpak Phupa, Lewis Foret, Daniel Ingegneri, David Saitta, Soeren Pollerhof, Ravi Shankar, Nico Kooyman, Anna Liceva, Dan Long, ADAM M., Cruz Godar, Pedro Caetano, Jean-Pierre Girard, Jonathan Piedrasanta, Jak SP, Jim Renney, Danielle Mitchell, Giorgio Valli, Ben Evans, Bill Cohen, Gitle Mikkelsen, Gemini00, Benjamin Mahoney, Christopher DiBattista, Mandy Reid, Gary Reckard, Sataporn Chaochonpun, Bigolf, Moses Malone, Kyle Merryman, Dante Bencivenga, Zeus Laser, Jake Wise, Jade, Fontaine Liu, Manav parmar, ethnicolor Help us caption & translate this video!
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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    Dive into sources and further reading here:

    Vaccines and their side effects are a hard topic to cover – we know we keep saying this, but this case especially, there were a lot of things to consider. You can’t blame people for being worried, so we wanted to take their concerns seriously.

    Because it is impossible to cover everything there is to know about vaccines in a ten minute video our sources are extra extensive and explain a lot of aspects in more detail, with an extra focus on further reading.

    So if you want to dive in deeper or have more arguments at hand for your next heated discussion, here you go.

  • notharmonious
    notharmonious 1 saat önce

    apparently the black death is arising again, so that's fun i guess? thanks anti vax creatures

  • Madmadaleine Studios
    Madmadaleine Studios 3 saat önce

    10 to the power of 23

  • Internet Cancer
    Internet Cancer 5 saat önce

    100000 research proofing vaccines are essential and are mostly harmless
    1 YouTube video having 1 line saying vaccines can have side effects, but...
    Anti vacciners: One ring to rule them all

  • Dominic Plasencia Lopez

    there are 7k karens that disliked the video

  • meme jesus
    meme jesus 8 saat önce

    Antivaxx is gay

  • Jesse Howse
    Jesse Howse 9 saat önce

    I have the phobia of needles but I still get vaccinated. I'm happy for that

  • potato the gamer
    potato the gamer 9 saat önce

    When i saw this title i tought Kurzgesagt became anti vax

  • Elsan Andres
    Elsan Andres 11 saat önce

    Really glad I saw this.
    And the MMR vaccine.

  • - AsherGamingYT -
    - AsherGamingYT - 11 saat önce

    I have vaccines

  • Liam Coyne
    Liam Coyne 11 saat önce

    4:25 Some of S.E.A, Caribbean, Iceland, Ireland, Asian Egypt and other places: OOOOOF

  • Jacob Merrell
    Jacob Merrell 11 saat önce

    Anybody else get vaccinated and live past 3

  • lyrehc the bran man
    lyrehc the bran man 12 saat önce

    Antivaxxers, you are in as much of a position to judge the feasibility of the components of a vaccine as anyone who's not an engineer is when it comes to judging the safety of a passenger plane by glancing at a cross-section diagram.

  • Karl Playz
    Karl Playz 13 saat önce

    All the dislikes are from anti-Vaxx feminists

  • Logan Sini
    Logan Sini 13 saat önce

    dont watch this you might die

  • Rage Games
    Rage Games 13 saat önce

    I prefer my future child to have autism but not a dead child

  • Christopher Harper
    Christopher Harper 15 saat önce

    just found out my mum is an anti-vaxer so now i'm 18 i'm getting them all done myself and we just had an argument where she told me that vaccines are bad so i had to go back to this video to restore my faith in humanity. p.s. i did read all the sources and i am satisfied that i made the right choice lol.

  • Ella Luv
    Ella Luv 17 saat önce

    Anti-vax mom: omae wa mou shindeiru.

    Anti-vax kid: Nani??

  • Ayub Sharif
    Ayub Sharif 17 saat önce

    This whole video is some bs, made by the government elites to trick you idiots to inject this poison into your bodies.

  • Topz 34 Gaming&more
    Topz 34 Gaming&more 17 saat önce

    I’m no anti vaxxer but both of my brothers had the flu for 2 weeks after getting their flu shots from their highschool

    JOSEPH GARCIA 17 saat önce

    They hated Kurzgesagt because he told the the truth

  • frisbee jo
    frisbee jo 17 saat önce

    Duck mouse cousor at 0:39

  • C & C Miller
    C & C Miller 19 saat önce

    Karens : reads about vaccines causing autism and doesn't vaccinate their kids.

    Unvaccinated children : has autism

    Karens : impossible

  • stealthninja playz
    stealthninja playz 21 saat önce

    ladies and gentle men we got em

  • stealthninja playz
    stealthninja playz 21 saat önce

    this click bait is good

  • Monroe Robbins
    Monroe Robbins 22 saat önce

    A) Thank you for making this video! Even though we know that vaccines are important to stay alive, but it’s good to recognize how vaccines work, and why they’re so useful. And B) wouldn’t it still technically be your body getting stronger if you don’t die? Your body creates memory cells, which makes your immune system stronger against diseases. Though, if I’m wrong, my sincerest apologies, I’m just curious.

  • Tens
    Tens 22 saat önce

    Is this channel made from the government

  • Constantine
    Constantine 22 saat önce

    Tobacco smoking industry 1940's: tobacco smoking is perfectly safe, they do not cause lung cancer
    Vax cult parrot 2019: vaccines are perfectly safe, they do not cause autism
    Religion of Scientism, worst state of collective science..

  • Pizza Lover
    Pizza Lover 23 saat önce

    I had measles I felt really sick I thought it was just a normal sickness now I see I was lucky to live?

    Edit: is it also common for kids that got there vaccine injections to have measles cuz I did

  • Benji Reil
    Benji Reil 23 saat önce

    so what ur saying is vaccines made me gay?

  • Remi Lalaque
    Remi Lalaque 1 gün önce

    This video is beautiful

  • Remi Lalaque
    Remi Lalaque 1 gün önce

    I love the animation

  • DJ Sillz
    DJ Sillz 1 gün önce

    When i got vaccinated i got a bit of swelling on the forearm

  • Andrew Bergamann
    Andrew Bergamann 1 gün önce

    I'm glad Kurzgesagt developed a vaccine against anti vaxxer's disease

  • Louie Cross
    Louie Cross 1 gün önce

    do one about autism please im autistic and want to find out more

  • ice pheonix studios
    ice pheonix studios 1 gün önce

    Umm no,vaccines cause a lot more deaths than lifes saved and vaccines are just injections with robots in them that are made by the government to Spy on us everywhere,essential oils and other natural herbs are better than vaccines i cant believe people still think vaccines are good

  • The Backyard Man
    The Backyard Man 1 gün önce

    Anti vax mom: cries in corner after being *ooft

  • rammenstein
    rammenstein 1 gün önce

    I remember a few years ago, there was a commercial airing on TV about Whooping Cough. The first time I saw it, my only thought was 'Whooping Cough? Who the fuck gets Whooping Cough?! I thought we all but eradicated that!" It's really sad that this anti-vaccination BS is bringing back diseases that had been practically unheard of for generations.

  • Luke Phillips
    Luke Phillips 1 gün önce

    when the adults who don’t vax their kids are vaccinated

  • Ayden Racco
    Ayden Racco 1 gün önce

    This needs to be shown and shared everywhere

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