Apple Wins Capitalism & Parents Enlist “Fortnite” Coaches |The Daily Show

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  • 223forme
    223forme 2 ay önce

    White genocide in South Africa, Comedy Genocide at the Daily Show.

  • Wunsie Ninja
    Wunsie Ninja 2 ay önce

    that isn't even fortnite...

  • Sinead O Pereira
    Sinead O Pereira 3 ay önce


  • Mwenda Sketch Phiri
    Mwenda Sketch Phiri 4 ay önce

    no respect for religious leaders huh :-l

  • meliosexe Animations

    Read the title as Apple wins Pope Francis Fortnite Coaches

  • Lomborg
    Lomborg 5 ay önce

    People who buy Apple products are on the verge of being retarded. You pay so much for such a bad quality and bad service

  • Cy vlog
    Cy vlog 5 ay önce

    "but dad I want to be a doctor" Asian dads "good son good"

  • United Federation of the Labor Party rama

    Chess is a sport

    Change my mind

  • Professor Gnar
    Professor Gnar 5 ay önce

    hahaha of all games, fortshite

  • Aaron Stone
    Aaron Stone 5 ay önce

    they're raising a worthless generation of kids who'll cry like babies when asians take their jobs away..

    and they wonder why *how*??

  • Natalee Steele
    Natalee Steele 5 ay önce


  • Edwin Avila
    Edwin Avila 5 ay önce

    Trevor: paying to learn how to play a 🎮
    Me: couldn't stop laughing (this American)

  • Mahmoud El Arch
    Mahmoud El Arch 5 ay önce

    Fortnite, seriously!! it's Fornicate!

  • John Billings
    John Billings 5 ay önce

    Too early for the "Gamer Kill Fest' video?

  • Cynthia Heart
    Cynthia Heart 5 ay önce

    Wait, chill. He said gays are cool?!


  • Kevin Junior
    Kevin Junior 5 ay önce

    Personally I like Trevor but I hate the fact that he blasphemed against God with the commandments.

  • A Swaney
    A Swaney 5 ay önce

    Apple is worth that much because they used the tax cut money to do massive stock buyback. I consider that artificially raising their value to profit their CEOs, which is basically cheating.

  • Slippery Squid
    Slippery Squid 5 ay önce

    Fortnite is the best multiplayer game but mass effect is the best video game

  • MassExtinctionEvent
    MassExtinctionEvent 6 ay önce

    One Pope says God says one thing, another Pope says God says different... Somebody's full of shit. Could it be both of them? If religious mores can be adapted and changed to fit evolving secular mores, then clearly they have no moral authority and are just some shit some pedophile in a robe and a funny hat made up.

  • Phillip Harrington
    Phillip Harrington 6 ay önce

    May I remind you that is a presumption, saying the earth is significantly older than humans but the records in the book of Genesis have life spans in their genealogies and most Semitic people still prize knowing their ancestors back many generations so these records come from people who were crazy about such matters. There are many scientists on YouTube who i feel I can trust; you are correct in caution on this matter however, you must look past what is yet again a presumption from the beginning.

    Mitochondrial DNA has been used to date mitochondrial “eve” back to 200,000 years ago and also 6500 years ago by simply not assuming evolution took place.

  • ޓކހރ-ލއއބޚ
    ޓކހރ-ލއއބޚ 6 ay önce

    How can apple still be considered an American company? It's not headquartered in America. It doesn't pay American taxes. It's workers aren't American. Not an American company.

  • Spik ik
    Spik ik 6 ay önce

    Oh apple beat netflix and amazon? Thats a surprise. Apple makes garbage products with slave labour. Seriously its the worst computer and phone company we have.

  • Grumpy old man
    Grumpy old man 6 ay önce

    The problem is not Apple being evil, the problem are the stupid idiot who buy that.

  • Bear studios
    Bear studios 6 ay önce

    You do realize you can make serious money as a proffesional gamer, right? This isn't any different to training for chess or any sport.

  • strawberry bridge
    strawberry bridge 6 ay önce

    So many "he is not funny " comments... I guess we all have choices... If you don't find it funny why watch? You could as well spare us " people who still have a healthy sense of humor " the negativity, and go watch fresh paint dry...

  • Josephine Anne Weigers

    Lol I love Trevor

  • Kyle Holland
    Kyle Holland 6 ay önce

    Well I guess Greg Abbott is gonna have to change religions since the death penalty is no longer allowed in Catholicism!

  • old pump
    old pump 6 ay önce


  • Timothy
    Timothy 6 ay önce

    This is what passes for comedy today? Pathetic.

  • H. I.
    H. I. 6 ay önce

    Get coaches to win “ prize money “ that’s how you know that your parents are stealing your money

  • Paul Chung
    Paul Chung 6 ay önce

    Try hards

  • zorra578
    zorra578 6 ay önce

    lol games are getting "harder" suuuuuuuuuuuure

  • MySmart Device
    MySmart Device 6 ay önce

    Oh great why is this abysmally worthless show in my recommended feed. Even blocking isn't helping stem the tide of trash.

  • Marzz_Ow
    Marzz_Ow 6 ay önce

    Anyone need a fortnite coach?

  • jbkailer325
    jbkailer325 6 ay önce

    Fortnite isn't a videogame, it's a type of cancer.

  • ItsReddd
    ItsReddd 6 ay önce

    This really makes me a bit mad because that wasn't even the right footage of Fortnite

    That gameplay was from Save The World in 2011

  • BDV
    BDV 6 ay önce

    I love how every news station always uses old STW footage from before the game even game out. Lol, all of these kids are playing br not STW.

  • Ernesto Marcos
    Ernesto Marcos 6 ay önce

    Bergoglio is an asshole, he campaigned hard to not have abortion legal in his home country (when he's technically the head of another State) just like he did same-sex marriage eight years ago. Dunno why Americans seem to like him. Luckily he's gonna be killed soon.

  • Ariel Mckenzie
    Ariel Mckenzie 6 ay önce

    Wtf is going on?!

  • First Last
    First Last 6 ay önce

    More support for censorship coming from a guy that would not have survived the bullies at my elementary school... how this twat has an audience capable of booting up Windows 98 and watching this shit is beyond me