Khabib post-fight press conference: McGregor disrespected my father and religion | UFC 229

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  • Cha Eason
    Cha Eason 3 hafta önce

    Lol feel like kabib keep bringing up his religion... just stfu saying it lmao

  • 01101101 01100101 01101001

    I love the low-key shade he throws, saying McGregor’s team are “tap machines” like it’s just a biological fact. 😂

  • Abdi Mohamud
    Abdi Mohamud 4 ay önce

    He said my father is gonna smash me. It he will be punished for what he did that doesn't mean he is afraid of his but he respect.. Luv u khabib for being a better son..

  • Where Would You Go?
    Where Would You Go? 4 ay önce

    Sad ending to a great fight. I agree this should be a sport about respect. Every fighter could learn from Manny Pacquiao.

  • satja chayangkanon
    satja chayangkanon 4 ay önce


  • Ariel Grvs
    Ariel Grvs 4 ay önce

    No doubt why ain't ppl thinkng this way bout the sport too much shot talking these days

  • mj style
    mj style 4 ay önce

    Khabib isa best fighter

  • fiavivini mamea
    fiavivini mamea 4 ay önce

    rare to see men this honorable...........dishonorable men are dime a dozen

  • cass expo
    cass expo 4 ay önce

    Connor is UFC Mascot. Khabib earned a title and respect from millions. Hit 2 birds with 1 stone.

    ASSANE MBOUP 4 ay önce

    He broke bus! I make him Tap 🐓

  • mm rr
    mm rr 4 ay önce

    send me location!

  • kathija fathima
    kathija fathima 4 ay önce

    Don't worry man truth always win

  • Tafadzwa manjiva
    Tafadzwa manjiva 4 ay önce

    Khabib is humble

  • Qayam Hashmi
    Qayam Hashmi 4 ay önce

    Tiger khabib Allhumdullillah

  • M. Fazir
    M. Fazir 4 ay önce

    Watch this series to understand khabib, honour and brotherhood..

  • i p
    i p 4 ay önce

    Lol, I wonder how strong his fsther must be if he's gonna smash him...

  • Donn Nald
    Donn Nald 4 ay önce

    KAHBIB is a gentleman comes from a very respectful family.. he does so good to his people around him

  • Nyak nunung
    Nyak nunung 4 ay önce

    Khabib is the best fight ,mcgredog corned is the big mouth and crazy

  • Sanu Tayagi
    Sanu Tayagi 4 ay önce

    Khabib good man

  • giulio farnese
    giulio farnese 4 ay önce

    all'ultimo si è messo la chioma del SIC

  • dahDougieBoy
    dahDougieBoy 4 ay önce

    So what did McGregor say about his religion? Couldn't find anything about it.

  • shery 816
    shery 816 4 ay önce

    It's khabib time

  • shery 816
    shery 816 4 ay önce

    Khabib do it

  • Malik Hussain
    Malik Hussain 4 ay önce

    King Connor is dead May he rest in piss

  • Shabbir Ali
    Shabbir Ali 4 ay önce

    Khabib my hero

  • Manuel Frees
    Manuel Frees 4 ay önce

    kabib loser and gregor loser too..garbage fighting

  • Махач Арийский


  • Aidil Bolhassan
    Aidil Bolhassan 4 ay önce

    Keep humble & strong Khabib 👍👍👍

  • Jao Esponilla
    Jao Esponilla 4 ay önce

    Paquiao still the most humble and still the greatest fighter!!! haha!!!

  • tiger plays
    tiger plays 4 ay önce

    I am Irish got Conor trash talks alot but I Muslim too sooo ya

  • Mohamed Mirghani
    Mohamed Mirghani 4 ay önce

    Muslims are the best 😂😂👍👍

  • Fred Rogers
    Fred Rogers 4 ay önce

    Khabib won i give him that. But wrestling does not sell tickets or pay perview. Needs to be a time limit on how long spent on mat. UFC will turn into boxing with stalling and holding. Fans will get bored and not spend the money. I could tell on first take down Khabib had it won.

  • Slim
    Slim 4 ay önce

    Great answer to the question.. Why people worrying about a cage when this guy is extremely disrespectful towards people religion and race!

  • Tausif Khan
    Tausif Khan 4 ay önce

    Conor big mouth small action

  • My friends.
    My friends. 4 ay önce

    Khabiba congratulations on the Victory over Conor!

  • Vinayak Harsh
    Vinayak Harsh 4 ay önce

    He talked and marketed his religion three times in short clip but still plays victim card.

  • Vinayak Harsh
    Vinayak Harsh 4 ay önce

    He must be banned from professional fight. He is justifying his NONSENSE by playing victim card. Religion ? Jihad !!

  • Chanel ara dan abang Rio Ara dan abang Rio

    conor mc loser is dead😂😂😂😂

  • Alec B
    Alec B 4 ay önce

    Khabib jumped out of the octagon and gave a flying slap to Dillon Danis (left hand) because he was shouting "fu**ing muslim rat" to him. TMZ reported it already, their people stood six feet behind Danis at the time. The vid is on their channel already. And Danis posted a screenshot (carefully selected to make himself look good lol) of Khabib's jump on his Instagram but people started bringing up what he said and he quickly deleted the post. Khabib slapped Danis. Danis is pathetic. And so was his BJJ preparation of McGregor that he was bragging about before the fight. McGregor needs a new BJJ coach. Danis is toxic.

  • LoStz SouLz
    LoStz SouLz 4 ay önce

    Habib Simply put this cave mouth away ....